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Welcome to an enchanted place, nestled in nature, surrounded by green in summer and white in winter. A place where you can smell the scent of the mountain.

The Hotel Scoiattolo

Set like a diamond
on the mountain side.

The Hotel Scoiattolo is situated in the grazing land at 1750 meters altitude, surrounded by the Violin Forest and close to the Latemar Peaks. This is the right place both for those who are searching for the adventure of a sport holiday and those who just want to chill out with their family. This hotel, recently and personally renewed by the owner Valerio Piazzi with new areas, offers a warm hospitality in wide and cosy rooms.

The Alpe di Pampeago

The Alpe di Pampeago is situated right between the two provinces of Trento and Bolzano, surrounded by the unique landscapes of the Dolomites.

"La stala" Après Ski

"La stala", the Hotel Scoiattolo Après-ski, is the most awaited moment once you take your skis off. Music, fun, and our well-equipped bar will fill you with cheer before dinner. But that’s not all! Our night entertainment goes on until late.

A great family

Both with friends and family, the Hotel Scoiattolo is the perfect setting to live the mountain environment, discover yourself, strengthen the relationships you’re your loved ones. You will feel this warm feeling by the Piazzi Family, whose story is deeply rooted in these mountains since three generations. You can clearly see the passion that ancestors bequeathed in the setting of the hotel, which is by the way continuously improving: the new SPA, the 100% wooden rooms, the furnishings.

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